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We provide numerous products , services and solutions to industry in Kuwait particularly in Oil & Gas sector. We support these activities by maintaining fully Equipped facilities, including workshops, warehousing & offices as well as a complete distribution network all staffed by personnel who are able to package and prepare the appropriate solution for the customer.  We offer our customers as well as our current & prospective foreign associates an outstanding local partner.


Products & Equipments Supply for Oil & gas  Industry  :


We can assist with any product need you may have in  the field. Our Engineers are continously working with customers on products ranging from small accessories to large custom tanks, pumps , valves , pipes etc.


 pumps                                     valevs              pipes


Oil storage tanks                     Maintenance






Equipment is designed and manufactured for the following sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry:



Ôā∑ ¬†Metering & Measurement of Oil & Gas

Ôā∑ ¬†Gas Gathering & Oil Production

Ôā∑ ¬†Enhanced Oil Recovery

Ôā∑ ¬†Oil & Gas Pipelines

Major Projects

EN-FAB specializes in supplying engineered equipment on a turnkey basis for an entire oil gas project. We support the customer from design stages to engineering, fabrication, and commissioning. We are a one-stop-shop for the complete project. Some of our major projects are:


·     Gas Lift and Water Dilution Skids for Algeria

·     Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators for an Oilfield in Sultanate of Oman

·     Once Through Steam Generation Project for an Oilfield in Sultanate of Oman

·     Once Through Steam Generators for an Oilfield in Sultanate of Oman

·     Songo Songo Project - Tanzania, West Africa

·     Early Production Facility - Kuwait Oil Company - Kuwait

·     Mariqita - Cali Gas Pipeline - Colombia

·     Pemex Project - Mexico

·     Yucatan Peninsula Gas Pipeline Project - Mexico

·     Komineft Project - Russia

·     Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Kazakhstan to Russia

·     Modularized Natural Gas Pretreatment Unit for a Steel Plant in Sohar, Sulanate of Oman




Early production facility, Kuwait







CARBONELL FIGUERAS, S.A., does all kind of activities in the construction field including combined-cycle power plants, projects, design, and turnkey construction. Our field of action is expanding to all the Iberian Peninsula, or wherever it is required by our customers.


Industrial sector


-Chemical and petrochemical industry


Organic and inorganic chemical plants, Oil refinery, Gas pipelines and Oil pipelines



BASF Espa√Īola S.A. - Tarragona [ + ]
Storage tank for 40,000 m³ of liquid propane.
50 meters diameter and 28 meters high.
Construction of a protective cylindrical wall of reinforced concrete by means of sliding form. Time of execution: 9 days.



RESESTANK, S.A. - Parque de almacenamiento de prod. petrolíferos [ + ]

Localización: Puerto de Barcelona
Fechas: Diciembreo 2003 ‚Äď Octubre 2005 (2 Fases)
    1ª Fase: (Diciembre 2003 - Julio 2004)
    2ª Fase: (Julio 2005 - Octubre 2005)



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