GRID products - Raised Floors

To ensure our position as market leaders, GRID products are manufactured  and inspected under stringent quality control procedures by ISO 9001: 2000 certified suppliers;  Design to withstand the most grueling performance criteria GRID access floor system is tested and certified to comply with both the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU and CISCA (Ceiling and Interior System Constructors Association) standards and test procedures.   

FS - FLEXI SQUARE Concrete Core Steel Panels    

Extensively used,  FLEXI SQUARE is a concrete filled, welded steel panel with epoxy powder coated RaisedFloorAgencyfinish. Its cement core caters for excellent acoustic performance. Made from non-combustible materials,  it is easy to maintain and does not deteriorate with age. Ideal for use in the fallowing applications General Offices, Computer Rooms, Data Centers, Industrial & manufacturing plants,  Laboratories  

HS - HOLLOW SQUARE Hollow Steel Panels 

The HOLLOW SQUARE panel system is similar to the FLEXI SQUARE, manufactured using the welded RaisedFloorAgency2steel technology. Its superior strength and lightweight, makes it a perfect choice for areas where the imposed load on the structural slab needs to be kept to a minimal. Both the FLEXI SQUARE and HOLLOW SQUARE systems are Inter-Changeable, allowing for maximum flexibility when designing. Recommended applications: General Offices, Computer Rooms, Data Centers, Light Industrial & manufacturing plants, Laboratories   


Made using a similar technology as the FLEXI SQUARE and the HOLLOW SQUARE, OFFICE SQUARE RaisedFloorAgency3 comes with a handy option for pre-cut panels that can be used for both wiring and service outlets. To match the dimensions of most commercial carpet tiles, OFFICE SQUARE comes in 500mm x 500mm in addition to the standard sizes. Recommended applications: General Offices,  Computer Rooms, Data Centers, IT Learning Laboratories.  


A cable management accessory, SQUARE TRAY is compatible with FLEXI SQUARE, HOLLOW SQUARE and OFFICE SQUARE.  High load bearing tray covers with ingeniously configured cable trays help to hide away unsightly wire whilst allowing for maximum accessibility and easy maintenance. Recommended for use at: General Offices, Retail Outlets/ Showrooms 
WS - WOOD SQUARE Composite Woodcore Panels 

Quiet,  lightweight and economical, WOOD SQUARE is fabricated from high density composite core enveloped in a sheet metal shell Recommended applications: General Offices, Retail Outlets/ Showrooms, Computer Rooms, Training Centers


HABITAT integrates the convenience and flexibility of conventional access floorings with the beauty of natural wood¬† textures. Manufactured using a high density fiberboard base plate, it comes bonded with a timber decorative surface layer that is treated with high abrasion paint.HABITAT allows worn and damage floors to be replaced with no fuss. Convert your floorings into an asset, pack them up and shift to your new premise, no losses or depreciation. HABITAT moves and grows with you... create new designs and modify to suit your hanging taste... You are sure to find the floor covering of your choice From our wide selection. Recommended applications: ‚Äʬ† General Offices, SOHO, ‚Äʬ†¬† Residential Areas, Retail Outlets Showrooms



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