Our mission is to be the International leader in Healthcare Consultancy, Planning and Management and delivering excellence with integrity and respect to our community, (Adopted April 1996). We regard this mission as the uppermost guiding philosophy behind all Health Solutions entities.

A strategy of first making a commitment to each market and secondly demonstrating excellence in the work undertaken has been key to the successful development of the firm on an International basis; 

In the Consulting business, Health Solutions believes relationships and people are the keys to success Investing in long-term relationships, being involved at the cutting edge of new developments In Health Services Policy & Management and staying close to local contacts ensure that relevant support is provided to clients. 

Completing tasks on time, within cost and to the highest standards of quality are fundamental to the Health Solutions philosophy Highly qualified and well-regarded staff takes the time to find out exactly what is required and explore with client the best ways of achieving the desired outcome- A superior product, maintaining ongoing relationships and working with the customer ensure success for both the customer and the firm. 

The HEALTH SOLUTIONS approach can be summarized as:

  • People are the firms most important asset, through high quality employees, strong alliances and¬†¬†¬† extensive networks,
  • Leadership, Vision and Operational opportunities through the Directors, with a policy of devolving¬† these attributes¬† throughout the organization;
  • Manageable, sustainable growth;
  • Retaining a leading edge In knowledge and experience.


Firstly, Health Solutions is a dedicated and specialized Health Industry organisation, with extensive experience in all facets of the system, in terms of both health sectors and professional domains. We understand the complexities of healthcare as a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined system, and the need to ensure that each element is in harmony with each other. 

Secondly, the company has back up of the entire health systems in both Victoria and NSW. Australia's two largest states. This is achieved through Health Solutions companies in Australia having part ownership by the Health Industries in Victoria and NSW (the Victorian Hospital's Association and the NSW Health Services Association).  

Thirdly, Health Solutions is experienced in undertaking healthcare projects in a diverse mix of cultures, health policy, public./ private systems etc, including Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia. Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Africa, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and various parts of Europe. 

Fourthly, Health Solutions has formal Victorian Government support in overseas projects. The Victorian system, in common with many other health systems has been undergoing major changes with a number of major Initiatives introduced - for example, case mix funding, restructure of hospital governance/ systems. Health Solutions has supported the Victorian government activity in These areas. In addition, it advises government through the Health Ministers Advisory Committee and through collaboration arrangements with the government's Overseas Project Corporation. 

HEALTH SOLUTIONS is therefore equally credentialed in both operational and government policy support areas, a matter, which Is very relevant to this project  Finally, and in addition to other achievements, we propose that our ability to rapidly gain recognition and high-level credibility in the UK market is noteworthy. The firm played a major role in re-shaping the reform process in relation to the funding and operation of National Health Service Trust as the system embarked upon a privatization process. Specific work was being undertaken for the following NHS Trusts; Norfolk & Norwich, Gloucester. Royal London, Bromley, St. Thomas & Guys and University College London Hospital (UCLH).   

HEALTH SOLUTIONS is well on the way to realizing its mission, viz “to be the International leader in Healthcare Consultancy, Planning and Management, delivery excellence with integrity and respect lo our community".  

Clients have the comfort of knowing that Health Solutions brings the following strengths:

  • Highly qualified and skilled staff:
  • Respect and credibility in the International Health arena;
  • Diversified functionally and geographically;
  • Competitive costs;
  • Flexible workforce:
  • Extensive network, alliances and contact;
  • Financial security;
  • Project viewed as very important to firm's objectives;
  • Dedicated to Health Industry:
  • Proven track record across all elements of Healthcare;
  • Backing and support of Health industries and governments in Australia.¬†
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