Smoke Ventilation Fans & Dampers

Electric Motor Bodies are constructed injection type Aluminum, designed to comply with IEC and DIN Norms and rules to ensure long life and reliability. All motors are Squirrel Cage induction type with air cooled body.  Motor protection switches should be fitted if necessary. All motors supplied with wiring diagrams inside of its terminal box.
The motor power data indicated below refers to (S'l) continuous operation. The motors are supplied for the standard voltage 415V at 50 Hz and can be operated, with reduction of the rated power, with variations of the rated voltage up to ±10%. Foot  mounted motors are used in most of our applications unless otherwise agreed. A.C. Motor-Protection Switches, Starters, A.C- Electronic Speed controllers (Frequency Converters) and Multi Speed Motors are available on request.


Adjustable Pitch, Aerofoil Bladed impellers are designed to meet tough conditions, such as corrosion, fumes etc. and require minimum maintenance and operating cost. Impeller section is directly connectable to engine pulley for special applications.

All Fans are produced and assembled under strict rules of AMCA and CE Norms. Performance Test Code: BS 848-1 (British Standards) Methods of Testing Performance. Similar to AMCA 210 and DIN 24163 AMCA Dimensioning Standard 99-3001 Mile Sensibility Standard: UNIVERSAL Standard H7 Fan (Impeller) Dynamic Balance Standard VDE (Q:6.3) Norm Electric Motors: IEC / ISO / DIN / VDE Compliance. Emak Fans are bearing CE (Community European) Seal for applicable products. The Specific certification from ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), LEoyds, B. Veritas can be issued upon request for Emak Standard / Ex Proof Fans as optional. The EMAK Fans are Approved Kuwait Fire Department for 200°C @ 1/2 Hours. The Emak Fans are also preferred by Kuwait Ministry of Public Works.

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